Combined Med-Peds

Combined Medicine-Pediatrics Residency

What is Combined Med-Peds residency?

It is a program which train you in both, internal medicine and pediatrics where you will be able to become double boarded at the completion of your residency training.

How many years is the combined Med-Peds residency?

This residency is 4 years duration.

What are the average scores for AMGs and IMGs who matched in Combined Med-Peds?

The average scores for AMGs in USMLE step 1 and 2 CK who matched to Combined Internal medicine/Pediatrics are 230 and 242 respectively.

For IMGs who matched in Combined Med-Peds the average scores in USMLE step 1 and 2 CK are 217 and 221 respectively.

What are the interview questions for combined medicine-pediatrics?

The combined interview questions you will be asked are divided into 2 groups:

1- The Questions specific for combined med/peds interviews, your answers to these questions will determine your position in the match rank, the med/peds questions are same as IM and Peds questions:

Pediatrics Residency Interview Questions and Answers

Internal Medicine Residency Interview Questions and Answers

2- The general questions (common to all specialties) which you will be asked by the program director, faculty and chief residents. These questions are common in whatever specialty your are interviewing and are posted for free on this link: Interview Tips and Tricks: The Successful Match

What are the match statistics for combined med-peds residency?

About 83% of combined med/peds positions offered in the match go to AMGs and about 27% of positions go to IMGs. About 90% of AMGs who apply do match and about 50% of IMGs who apply do successfully match , which is considered a very good percentage in this competitive specialty.

From where I get the IMG friendly Combined Med/Peds residency programs list?

IMG friendly programs are not much and are present in many states, the full list can easily and cheaply downloaded to your computer or device from:

I matched already, which books should I get to survive residency?